PUKY LR Splash

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PUKY LR Splash

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The PUKY LR Splash is a special edition model from Puky, that we're now pleased to offer to UK customers at this exceptional price.

Its based on the LR Ride, famous for being one of the only balance bikes to have suspension!  Children can practice balance as well as coordinated leg movement. With the new brake system kids also learn how speed control whilst riding. 


-Aluminium frame and fork with rear wheel suspension 

-Special learner bike saddle with carrying handle

-Aluminium hubs

-Pneumatic tires

-Height adjustable saddle and handlebars

-Impact resistant powder coating

Suitable for children 3+ from 95cm 39-52cm (inseam) max 25kg


Orange - 4086

White / Pink - 4085

White / Green / Yellow - 4084

Yellow / Blue - 4088

Black / Red - 1721