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Since 1949 PUKY have been manufacturers of children’s vehicles based in Germany. At first, they began with the production of scooters in their Düsseldorf / Hohenzollern-Factory, and later began to manufacture children’s balance bikes and bicycles. In 1960 they moved to their current HQ in Wuelfrath.
 In the European market PUKY is known for the manufacturing and distributing high-quality children’s vehicles. Today their catalogue consists of scooters, children’s and youngster’s bikes, balance bikes, tricycles, accessories and much more. This wide range allows children to start learning motor functions from a young age all the way up to riding bicycles - all with PUKY.

 PUKY has over 120 employees working in the headquarters and over 500 factory workers. In addition to that, PUKY provides work for handicapped people who work in vehicle assembly and packaging, producing and shipping 2000 to 3000 vehicles worldwide per day!

PUKY is proud of its heritage and place within the children’s bike market and stands strong as one of Europe’s largest production factories of kid’s vehicles. Anything with the PUKY label holds guaranteed quality of production.