Naked Bikes - Pro Wax Tin

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With free Luxury foam applicator pad.

What makes our Special edition wax better than the rest? our own unique wax blend and Si02 technology, that is the reason why our waxes are far superior than the rest, Si02 gives an Impressive water / dirt repellent barrier giving a high gloss finish to all surfaces

Pro Wax is the ultimate wax that coats your motorbike bodywork in a low friction, hydrophobic skin, creating the ultimate dirt resistant and water repellent barrier to protect you pride and joy.

Pro Bike Wax coating is good for up to 12 months in between applications.


Apply the wax using our quality foam applicator and light pressure. Pro wax is extremely easy to spread so use sparingly to avoid over applying.

Curing times vary from 7 minutes on a hot day and dark colour to over 17 minutes on a cold day.

The wax is ready when it is no longer wet or oily.

Use a quality microfibre cloth with light pressure to remove the wax and buff to a final finish.

ONLY maintain with Naked Bikes Pure Shampoo available from our site for the ultimate protection


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