New Team Partner - Car Insurance for Cyclists

New Team Partner - Car Insurance for Cyclists

Rewarding road cycling enthusiasts with a better car insurance deal

We're pleased to welcome "Car Insurance 4 Cyclists" as a partner of our KTM / Impsport Race Team.

"As a  road cycling enthusiast you may not realise that we think you're hot stuff - not "just" in lycra but when you get behind the wheel of your car.

                    Your on-road cycling experience has made you more alert and road aware than the average car driver and that deserves special attention. Let us source you the best car insurance deal via our scheme that rewards you for your improved driving skills."

We've spent many many miles on the road as cyclists and behind the wheel, so it's nice to know that an insurance company has recognised what we've all experienced first hand.

  • Expert advice from highly-trained insurance professionals rather than call centre staff               
  • Personal attention where you get to know us by name
  • First-class service where your needs come first                    
  • Quotes based on you as an individual                    
  • Crystal clear, competitive pricing that reflects the reduced risk you present as a cyclist and club member
  • All the ongoing support you need throughout your time with us                      
  • Affiliate rewards for your club or association                                            
  • A full range of other insurance products and services
Please click this LINK for a competitive quote, from the team at 

Please note the insurance is not being provided by FLi Distribution or the KTM / Impsport Team.  The Insurance Company are supporting our race team, and we really see the value in the service they offer so we're happy to promote them in return.

For more details please read the information on our website HERE