2021 KTM Bike Industries - NEW PRICES

2021 KTM Bike Industries - NEW PRICES

Press Release - 21 | 04 | 21


Global supply chains across almost all industries have been challenged by Covid and Brexit. It is with regret that we are forced to announce that we have had to increase the UK Prices on KTM Bikes on the 2021 range with immediate effect.

We're very grateful for the years of hard work and investment by the team in Austria, that means we're able to proudly display the "MADE IN AUSTRIA" badge on the bikes, so we can at least bring the bikes into the UK without import duty, things could have been a lot worse!

There are however still costs created by this new border and the other factors effecting the global shipping and supply chain that have been widely discussed in the media. All these issues have been factored into these new prices to ensure that our network of amazing dealers maintain margin whilst having a minimal impact on the RRP.

The new bike and eBike prices can be downloaded below and all dealers need to adjust the prices on their systems with immediate effect.

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