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TS 37 - WHEELS FOR GLADIATORS                

Tried and tested for thousands of miles around the world by  the Champions that have chosen Ursus, the series of road racing cycling wheels  “TS” is available for every ambitious rider. An Italian concept to favor  smoothness and aerodynamics which is recognizable in the alloy hub, Made in  Italy by Ursus, and in the 37 mm rim for tubular made of durable unidirectional  carbon fiber monocoque. Suitable for any type of conditions, stoic on rises. Whether  during practice or the more challenging competition, discover MIURA TS37 and  become a #Gladiator of cycling.



  • HUBS:  Black hubs in alloy. Seal ball bearing high fluidity SKF.
  • WEIGHT:  Front 620 gr, rear 745 gr (Disc version: Front 655 gr, rear 800 gr)
  • RIM:  Rim: 28” Tubular rim. Monocoque 100% carbon fiber UD HPS heating protection shield. Brake pads for carbon rim provided by Ursus.
  • PROFILE:  Height 36 mm, Wide profile 24 mm. (Disc: Height 37 mm)
  • SPOKES:  Straight pull head and bend head rear cassette body side spokes.  Inox flat; front: radial; rear: 8-16 radial/ 3° crossing right side. Front: 20 spokes, Rear: 24 spokes. 
  • NIPPLES:  Black external brass nipples thread lock system.
  • QUICK RELEASES:  Ursus WB05 alloy quick release.

All Ursus wheels are listed in pairs, but are available individually if required


All Ursus products ordered via the FLi website will be allocated to a UK dealer with stock, they will ship the order to you.  

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