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Bike Frame Coating / Pro Bike Wax 20 ml with free Luxury foam applicator pad.

What makes our wax better than the rest ? Si02 technology and our own unique wax blend, that is the reason why our wax’s are far superior than the rest , Si02 gives an Impressive water / dirt repellent barrier giving a high gloss finish to all surfaces

Pro Wax is an advanced liquid wax that coats your bike frame in a low friction, hydrophobic skin, creating the ultimate dirt resistant and water repellent barrier.

Our water based wax technology is safe on all surfaces including titanium, carbon fibre, polished, matte, stainless, alloy and more for the ultimate protection .

Bike Frame coating is good for up to 12 months in between applications.

Comes with application sponge.

Extremely easy application and removal


  1. Clean and dry the bike frame.
  2. Shake well, use the cloth provided to spread the wax onto the frame. Allow to dry for 5-7 minutes.
  3. Wipe away once fully dried with a clean cloth.

ONLY maintain with Naked Bikes Pure Shampoo available here for the ultimate protection


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