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KTM Derailleur Hanger (2) - Ultra / Life / Macina / Penny Lane


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Replacement derailleur hanger / dropout for a wide range of KTM bikes.

Part number: 8920206

Replacement hanger for:

Ultra Team 29Life DiscMacina Dual 27
Ultra Race 29Life Tour (Disc)Ventura Cross 9
Ultra Force 29Life Force (light)Ventura Dual 24
Ultra 1964 29 LTDLife Space (Disc)
Ultra Sport 29Life Dual (nur US)ITA FAUSTO
Ultra FliteLife LiteLife Active 30
Ultra Fire 29Life FunLife Active 27
Ultra Fun 29Country SportLife 30 HS Light
Ultra One 29Country StarLife 27 HS Light
Ultra Team 27Wild Speed 26Life 27 HS
Ultra Race 27Wild Speed 24
Ultra Force 27Wild Speed 20ZEG
Ultra 1964 27 LTDe-Race P 27"Loreto Cross
Ultra Sport 27e-Street PSorano Cross (29er)
Ultra Flite 27Macina Race 29 GPS+Itero Cross
Ultra Cross 27Macina Race 27 GPS+Avenza Cross Street
Baggy Sue 27 LadyMacina Race 29 plusTrentino 14R Light
Ultra Fire 27Macina Race 27 plusTrentino Light
Ultra Fun 27Macina Action 29 plusMaranello Light Disc
Ultra One 27Macina Action 27 plusMaranello Light
Chicago 27Macina Force 29Veneto Light Disc
Penny Lane 27Macina Force 27Avenza light
Penny Lane 26Macina Mini Me 24Teramo XL Kette
Legarda RaceMacina Cross 10 GPS+Veneto
Legarda RaceMacina Cross 10 plusAvenza Disc
Life RaceMacina Cross 9Avenza 27 HS
Life ActionMacina Sport 10 GPS+Power Race 29 (Bosch)
Life CrossMacina Sport 10 plusPower Race 27 (Bosch)
Life SprintMacina Tour 10 GPS+Cento 10 (Bosch)
Life Road 24G DiscMacina Tour 10 plusSevero 8 M RT 26" HS11
Life Track 24GMacina Fun 9Severo 8 M 26" HS11 LL
Life One 24GMacina Cross 11
Life StyleMacina Cross 10
Ultra 29 LTD 2017Macina Cross 9
Ultra Sport 29 30 2017Macina Sport 11
Ultra Flite 29 30Macina Sport 10
Chicago 29 DiscMacina Tour 10 P5
Ultra Sport 27 2017Power Sport 10 CX5
Ultra Flite 27 2017Cento 10 plus P5

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