KTM Special Edition range launched for 2017

KTM Special Edition range launched for 2017

KTM continue to experience exceptional growth right across the markets they sell to.

To keep up with depend KTM have launched a small range of Limited Edition MTB models.  These models will only be available whilst stocks last, so if you are interested in one we'd suggesting ordering whilst you can.

You can view them all here: SPECIAL EDITION

The models include:

KTM Scarp Master Ltd

KTM Scarp 292 Ltd

KTM Scarp 293 Ltd

KTM Scarp 295 Ltd

KTM Lycan 27 Elite Ltd

KTM Lycan 272 Ltd

KTM Lycan 274 Ltd

KTM Aera 29 Ltd

KTM Ultra 29 Ltd

KTM Ultra 1964 29 Ltd

We'll add these bikes to our website so you can see the details as fast as we can.

These bikes are available for dealers to order now.  Please contact us for the order form.

They will be supply on a first come first served basis.

KTM - are pleased to be nominated for the short list of Bike Brands of the Year for 2017