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Wednesday 18th September 2019

Although we have posted about this in the past we wanted to revisit the subject as the 2020 KTM range utilises the Dimmix feature across its Ebike range. The concept of Dimmix comes from the KTM motocross side which it has been a huge part of for years where as in terms of mountain biking it is still considered relatively new. 

The term DiMMiX comes from the idea of different wheel sizes - mixed dimensions. DiMMiX combines the advantages of riding a precise, stable 29" front wheel with a traction-rich manoeuvrable 27.5" PLUS wheel at the back -> the perfect mix of both worlds.   The external diameter of the 2 wheels is roughly the same so the cornering feel is not effected.

The debate between wheel sizes is one that has been going on for years and no doubt will continue for years to come. However, KTM uses the DiMMiX solution to battle this. Now the entire KTM Macina Prowler range comes with DiMMiX wheels which you can see here.

Also using the DiMMiX solution is the entire 2020 KTM Macina Kapoho range which you can see bellow. 

However if this doesn't sound like your thing and you're die hard 29 or 27 then the KTM Macina Chacana and Lycan ranges are the ones for you. 

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