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Scrops 2020 Roundup + NEW PUKY'S!

Tuesday 3rd March 2020
Last weekend we headed up to Glasgow to exhibit at the Scottish Cycling, Running and Outdoor Pursuits Show (SCROPS) with Puky to show off some of the new 2020 range and also open our demo circuit to let the kids at the show test out all the bikes. This blog…
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Come see us at SCROPS this weekend!

Tuesday 25th February 2020
Come see Fli Distribution and Puky at the Scottish Cycling Running and Outdoor Pursuits Show this weekend at the SEC Glasgow. We will be there all weekend with a full demo fleet for your kids to come and try the latest Puky models. We will be bringing a range of Puky…
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Introducing the new PUKY Cyke Range!

Tuesday 28th January 2020
New for 2020 Puky has reinvented its small bike range and introduces the Puky Cyke category. These bikes are the perfect stepping stone to get your kids on their way to a happy and healthy life on 2 wheels. The strong aluminium bikes are lightweight and introduce the rider into…
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Introducing the new PUKY S-Pro Range!

Tuesday 14th January 2020
New for 2020 PUKY would like to introduce you to the new S-Pro line of PUKY Bikes.The S-Pro range is new to PUKY Bikes for 2020 and consists of 4 different bikes for age ranged 4-8+, all of which come in a range of 3 colours.We're taking pre-orders for the…
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New PUKY Build Videos

Tuesday 8th October 2019
We've just uploaded a bunch of new PUKY build videos to the Fli Distribution YouTube page.Thanks to the guys at the PUKY we now have build videos for the major models within the range. These simple videos are designed to show any buyer how to put the bikes together fresh…
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New Puky Products have landed

Tuesday 19th February 2019
This week we are very happy to announce 2 new Puky products that are now available to buy and ship to dealers! The products we're talking about is the new Pukymoto and Puky LR Light.Whilst both these products will be featured as 'product's of the week' later on in the year…
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Product of the Day - Puky LRM and LRM Plus

Wednesday 2nd January 2019
We're going to take some time in 2019 to introduce some of our best selling products in a bit more depth, than you'll find on the simple product descriptions.Our first product to get this treatment is the awesome Puky LRM, which was one of our best selling products in the…
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