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The New 2020 KTM Scarp MT Prestige

Wednesday 14th August 2019
New for the 2020 range KTM has redesigned the famous Scarp frame as well as also releasing the Scarp MT, simply standing for More Travel. The new MT range begins with the Elite and then goes all the way to Prestige increasing in price and build quality as they go. 2020…
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Product of the week- 2019 KTM Macina Chacana LFC

Monday 18th March 2019
This weeks 'Product of the Week'is the 2019 KTM Macina Chacana LFC. This beast of an Ebike is a new model for 2019 and with the LFC package this bike contains all sorts of extras new to this years range of Ebikes.2019 KTM Macina Chacana LFCThis bike makes one big…
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Product of the week - 2019 KTM Macina Kapoho 2974

Thursday 31st January 2019
This time for product of the week Fli is featuring the 2019 KTM Macina Kapoho 2974. This unique Ebike comes equipped with 160mm travel, 1x 11 Shimano XT, a Bosch Performance CX motor and the infamous Dimmix wheel combination KTM have released for selected bikes. KTM Macina Kapoho 2974We have decided…
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Product of the week - 2019 KTM Prowler Master 12

Tuesday 15th January 2019
This weeks featured product is the highly anticipated KTM Prowler Master 12. In this post we will be digging further into the Prowler's geometry and ride style as well as the high spec that comes with the Master model.KTM Prowler Master 12The Prowler is KTM's answer to a 29er adventure…
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2019 KTM Road Bike Geometry

Thursday 11th October 2018
Its important you get the right size bike, so we provide detailed geometry charts for all KTM bikes. The 2019 KTM road bike range is now available from your local KTM dealer, and they can help you get the perfect fit from your new bike.You can view the 2019 KTM road…
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New 2019 Macina Mezzo - KTM's First Carbon eBike

Wednesday 12th September 2018
Today we are looking at the new KTM Macina Mezzo, KTM's first ever carbon eBike and the first eBike to use the Fazua system. FazuaFazua is a German company founded in 2013, since then they have followed their goal of revolutionising the eBike market. Weighing in at only 4.6 kg it…
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KTM Terminology - LFC

Friday 6th July 2018
In this series of blogs we're taking a few moments to introduce some of the terminology KTM use in their range of bikes.LFCAs much as we'd love it to be a special edition range of bikes for the Liverpool fans out there, unfortunately it's not.L = LightsF = Fender (…
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Introducing the 2019 KTM Full Suspension eMTB Range

Thursday 5th July 2018
There are a few changes to the line up for 2019, so we thought we'd take a moment to introduce some of them, to help you highlight the new technology & terminology.First up, the names.There are 3 names used in the 2019 full suspension eMTB line up.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Macina Kapoho this is the…
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KTM Terminology - DiMMIX

Thursday 5th July 2018
In this series of blogs we're taking a few moments to introduce some of the terminology KTM use in their range of bikes.DiMMIXThis new wheelset technology has successfully been used in motocross bikes for many years, and KTM are bringing it to their Kapoho range of eBikes. DiMMiX wheels (Dimensions Mix)…
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2019 KTM eBike Brochure

Monday 2nd July 2018
The 2019 KTM eBike brochure is now available to view HERE
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