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New Video News From FLi Headquarters!

Thursday 26th September 2019
So we've been having a think here at FLi HQ about how to communicate with our customers and network on a better, more simplified level. So we've decided to make a larger effort in reviving our YouTube channels and focus on video communication. You'll see bellow the links to the FLi…
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2020 KTM Parts and Accessories Catalogue

Thursday 19th September 2019
The new 2020 KTM Parts and Accessories Catalogues have landed with us at FLi today! We're very excited about the new products for the upcoming year and we're currently working on adding them to the site this week.We still have a lot of 2019 stock with us at the warehouse…
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Wednesday 18th September 2019
Although we have posted about this in the past we wanted to revisit the subject as the 2020 KTM range utilises the Dimmix feature across its Ebike range. The concept of Dimmix comes from the KTM motocross side which it has been a huge part of for years where as…
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The New 2020 KTM X- Strada Series

Thursday 12th September 2019
New for 2020 is the redesign of the X-Strada range. Whilst the previous models proved very popular in the UK as winter and cyclocross bikes KTM have improved the frame design even further and included the more updated Shimano GRX to the bikes as well as now including an LFC…
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The New 2020 KTM Ultra Evo- Rider Review

Tuesday 10th September 2019
Another bike we're very excited about launching this year is the new 2020 KTM Ultra Evo. We at Fli have had a hand in designing this bike along the way. When we told KTM we wanted a slack, simple, capable hardtail designing this is what they delivered, and in a…
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We're Looking For KTM Ambassadors

Thursday 5th September 2019
Now that we're coming into the winter season and we're transferring into the 2020 KTM range we're looking for ambassadors to promote the brand and work with in future marketing prospects. KTM Austria runs its own strong ambassador program and we like to continue that in the UK with various…
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Ex Display and Demo KTM Clearance Sale

Tuesday 3rd September 2019
Now that we at Fli have settled into our new offices and are now moving onto our 2020 KTM range we've had a look through our stock and found even more bikes to put up on clearance.KTM Clearance SaleAlong with our current Ex demo Puky stock which is live on…
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