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Nutrixxion - Website banners

Friday 1st April 2016
Nutrixxion is a stand out brand in store - but we can also help you make is stand out on your website.If you interested in getting some banners made for your site, just let us know the dimensions and we can help you with some quality artwork like the examples…
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Introduction to the 2016 KTM Revelator

Thursday 31st March 2016
The "Revelator" is KTM's carbon road bike.  There are a number of different frame options and models so we thought it was about time we put together a short piece about this awesome bike to help people understand what you get at the different price points.For 2016 there are essentially…
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Illegal eBikes threaten access

Wednesday 30th March 2016
We are FLi are being as vocal as we can be about the dangers of using illegal ebikes on the roads and trails around the UK.  They pose a very real legal risk to users and many rogue UK Bicycle retailers are not making their customers aware of the facts.    We…
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Nutrixxion UK - 4Fun Team

Monday 28th March 2016
We're looking for riders of all abilities to help us estabilish a new project in the UK.  We're offering the chance to be part something in the UK that has been VERY popular in Germany over the past 8 years. …
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Special Edition - New Model - KTM Macina Race

Friday 18th March 2016
KTM often produce some special "mid season" bikes and this year is no exception.The hardtail range of KTM eBikes have always been popular and this year they sold out in record time.  So if you can find one in a dealer you're doing very well!To help our dealers get more…
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KTM Frame Styles

Saturday 5th March 2016
KTM make a HUGE range of bikes, covering all the genres any rider or shop could need.Most of the bikes come in a selection of frame sizes, colours and wheel sizes which are all fairly self explanatory.However, with the City and eBIkes the models can often come in 3 or…
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Introducing the KTM Revelator SKY

Friday 4th March 2016
KTM Revelator SKY The standard KTM Revelator has been getting rave reviews from customers and press across Europe for number of years now, so we had high hopes for the new disc brake equipped road bike.Our expectations were more than met when the Revelator SKY finally made it to production in June 2015. …
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Best in Test - KTM Ventura Cross 9

Thursday 3rd March 2016
We have to apologise to every one else.... but we've done it again!We've submitted a KTM to a UK magazine to test and against some strong competition in a touch sector, the KTM came out as "Best in Test" again ;)The KTM Ventura Cross 9 is our entry level eBike…
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Introducing the KTM Macina eShopper - the modern urban utility vehicle

Tuesday 1st March 2016
KTM produce many award winning bicycles, but the eShopper stands out for a number of reasons.  As a EuroBike Gold Award Winning Product the KTM Macina eShopper is the perfect solution for all those shopping or transport needs.  It is bursting with features and high quality components offering a simple solution for those…
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