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2019 KTM Myroon Sonic - Frame and Fork



Lighter and Stiffer than ever.

With a frame weight of just 975g, we are proud to introduce the lightest Myroon ever. The Myroon Sonic also has the best stiffness to weight ratio ever.  It took us a number of revisions to optimize the carbon layups, but we now combine several manufacturing techniques, including nano technology and use the highly modular 40T fiber, to reach our goals. Another innovative manufacturing technique changed the inner surface of the frame, the result is smoother, therefore lighter as well as stiffer.

The Myroon Sonic frame is available as a frame only, allowing you to build your ultimate dream bike.

Frame: MYROON 29 Sonic
Frame Grommet: KTM Rubber G1
Frame Grommet: KTM Rubber G2
Frame Grommet: Rubber G2
Frame Grommet: Rubber G3
Frame Grommet: Rubber G4
Frame Grommet: Rubber G5
Remote: FOX Lever
Headset: KTM PRIME
Starnut: KTM PRIME
Seatclamp: KTM
Rear Axle: KTM PRIME
Sticker for Top Cap: KTM 3D

Fork: FOX 32K SC Superlight

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