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2018 KTM Myroon Prestige - Frame only



2018 KTM Myroon frame - in classic Team Orange Prestige graphics.

This is the frame that is used on the 2018 KTM Myroon Prestige build.  It is actually the same frame used on the 2017 Myroon Sonic builds.

It can be run with or without a front mech.

Boost spacing

27.2mm seatpost.

MYROON 29 Sonic 12

Complete with all frame grommets, headset, seatclamp and rear axle

Frame Grommet G1 lang mit KTM Logo
Frame Grommet G2 kurz mit KTM Logo
Frame Grommet G2 kurz, 1 x DI2
Frame Grommet G3 kurz, 1 x 4 mm
Frame Grommet G4 lang, 1 x 4 mm
Frame Grommet G5 lang, 2 x 4 mm

Headset KTM PRIME 1 1/8"-1.5" black/orange
Starnut-System KTM PRIME V black/orange
Seatclamp KTM TEAM 31,8 black
Axle KTM TEAM 148 M12x1.75 black/orange

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