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The "Nutrixxion" team has been active in the sports industry for many years and have developed products based on the needs of both ametuer and professional athletes. Working with this knowledge we were able to develop premium sports nutrition products. The portfolio of products Nutrixxion provide includes everything a modern athlete could need to support their training and competition. Whether it be before, during of after sports Nutrixxion products provide the support your body requires to perform at it's best. Before exercise our powders or bars which contain magnesium, L-carnitine or light carbohydrate are perfect. Whilst exercising you may need carbohydrates and minerals which exsist in our gels, bars and electrolyte drinks. Then after sports your body needs to replenish it's energy which can be helped along with out recovery shakes. When you are training at your best and pushing your body to it's limits, Nutrixxion can provide the support you need. Nutrixxion is distributed in the UK by FLi Distribution Ltd.Trade applications can be made: HERE

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2017 KTM Canic CXC


GAADI Double ended Inner tube


KTM BIKE team t-shirt

£12.99 £19.99

KTM Line Half Flange Grips


KTM Mini Floor Pump


KTM Safey Vest


Nutrixxion Gel Box - 24 x 44g - XX Force


Ursus MIURA C50 - PAIR